Commission Music

Original high quality compositions with no limits to genre or instrumentation. Bespoke music and mock-ups for films, video games, animations and advertisements, from full sweeping orchestral scores to dirty electronic soundscapes and taiko led battle music. We also provide sound design for apps and mini-games, mixing and mastering services, general audio production, and foley/sound effects.


Various Commissions

Three Brothers Animation

Music Commissioned by Nathan Tweed, a Masters Animation student at Northumbria University. The piece was written around the contrasting personalities of the three main characters, one warlike, one grandiose and soaring, and one timid and intelligent. The refrain is tailored to the ominous king, repeating at the end but accompanied by dramatic strings and percussion. As the Animation itself has no dialogue, the music is written to be much more vocal, not only having more room to breath, but also as a necessary storytelling device.

We also recorded some minimal Foley and ambience for the piece, a relatively small task that helped bring the stop motion to life.

The Senate VFX Showreel

Short piece commissioned by The Senate, a VFX company in London. We composed the soundtrack for their show-reel to be light, cinematic, and modern. To fit behind the various films they showcase, any specific mood would risk jarring with a sequence from an opposing genre. Written with a strong melody and a pop-like structure to hold peoples attention for the two minutes, then to close nicely with a great scene of Chloe Grace Moretz shutting a large castle door with the refrain played once more on a piano.

Henry Animation

Commissioned by Seana Leech, a Masters Animation student at Northumbria University. We were asked to score and Foley this project on a very short time-scale.

"Henry is based on the novel Frankenstein. The story is based around the theme of unconditional love that I felt would solve Frankenstein's monster's loneliness that caused destruction of himself and others."

This is an example of a way in which music can add emotion and character depth, which is especially important in short film, with such little time to tell a story. We shift from a darker, meloncholy intro to a childlike lullaby to reflect the two different characters and moods of the piece.