Graphic Design

Designs for posters, flyers, leaflets and multimedia, all completely original with no re-using of content or templates. Bright and colourful app graphics, grungy gig posters, and holographic UI design for games are just a few examples from a diverse portfolio. On top of this we also offer website and app prototyping, full corporate branding, and promotional mini-game development.


Various Projects

The Eighth Day - Logo and User Interface Design

The Eighth Day (video game) is a sci-fi epic, set far into the future, and a large part of the story/gameplay takes place over multiple dimensions. In creating the logo I wanted to capture the “8” in the title, the various levels of dimensions (shown as circles above one another,) and some form of “eye” as the eye of the main character is tied to the storyline. Also shown are the various styles given to the client, to find one that mirrored the lore and universe they were creating.

The user interface was designed with the main race (called The Gran) in mind. Initially the design was made old, rustic and celtic to match the concept art given for their culture. After much discussion we ended on a holographic display which would be housed in their rustic looking armour. This design also meant changes could be easily made, and the hologram would stretch and shrink to match more resolutions than a static image.

Posters - Music and Other

A lot of the posters done here are for music, (gigs, album releases etc.) but often we’ll find a video game or possibly a village festival are in need of a design doing. All the poster designs are one of a kind, nothing is lifted or traced for use in other designs (unless the client has asked for it.)

Inspiration for the designs comes as and when the commissions do, we don’t like the idea of having a set “technique” as this can lead to a lack of originality between the posters.

Trevor Sewell - Multiple Album and E.P. Covers

Cover designs for blues singer/songwriter/producer Trevor Sewell (Album of the year Severn FM, nominated for four Hollywood Music in Media Awards.) As a large part of Trevors music is mixing old dirty delta blues with new production and writing, I wanted the artwork to reflect this. The most recent cover “Hollow” is a sleek modern cover made from large geometric shapes, but the layout is based on old fashioned record sleeves. The unusually tall typeface spans across all the designs I have done for Trevor, like the artwork, this was to drive home the idea that he works with both the old and the new, but tastefully mixed.